Professional Reviews

"I would certainly give a course like allTalk serious consideration. It is especially advantageous for people who don't have much time. The fact that the course doesn't need a computer means that you can take advantage of free time wherever you may be, and learn on the fly. Linguaphone allTalk is a great addition to a language learner's arsenal."
Richard Merry
"This is very excellent for a beginning Spanish learner. It is great to use in the car, on the way to work, or simply in your leisure time or while working around the home. Linguaphone has been creating foreign language programs for quite a few years."
"Linguaphone alltalk is a language learning system that has CDs, which are very useful, since in many cases the learning follows a paradigm of a story, which means you are consistently being prepared for real life situations in which you then learn the necessary vocabulary to survive in these situations. I think Linguaphone is one of the better competitors to the most popular programs."
"Linguaphone allTalk is an excellent value for money product with an interesting storyline angle and a fixed system of listening, understanding and repeating. This system is slower than some and possibly takes the most effort of memorization. Vocabulary is recalled from previous lessons [and] is extremely impressive.
Bottom Line - You will end up with a much wider vocabulary range through Linguaphone than you will through any other audio course available and at a much better price."

Customer testimonial

“I tried a bunch of different programs - Rosetta Stone, Rocket Spanish, Tell me More and Pimsleur. I found them all hopeless for a beginner. Maybe they will be useful later on when I am looking for something more challenging. Here are some of the reasons why I prefer Linguaphone.

Tell Me More just throws you into the sentences - leaving you to work out the rules. And, I can tell you, that learning the rules for Spanish takes quite a bit of doing, because they seem to do a lot of things back to front from the way we do with English. You NEED an expert Guide (which you will find in Linguaphone courses) to explain to you what the rules are, one step at a time, so that you can sort them out. I was frustrated from the beginning with Tell Me More.

I found Rosetta Stone very frustrating also. They give you a bunch of pictures and you have to work out which is the Spanish word for them. Trouble was - with some pictures, I couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl - and they DIDN'T GIVE THE ENGLISH WORDS for the pictures. You are meant to "figure it out as a child". I was throwing up my hands in despair after just a few lessons.

Pimsleur I didn't like because I have to SEE the words to remember them, even to help me to work out what I am hearing. Plus, I want to be able to READ Spanish. And there is no other version of Pimsleur that gives you visual stuff.”

William F., Westwood, MA

Customer Reviews

More Than Above Average

"I own the Behind The Wheel Spanish series but I believe the allTalk set is of higher quality and easier to learn with. It places you right in the middle of a story, which helps make it more engaging. Furthermore, the story is of a business woman who is visiting a Spanish country for the first time, and does not know the language. So her questions and words she learns will be very similar to real life situations. The actors really went out of their way to help make this an easy way to learn Spanish, instead of just dictating sentences and repeating their translation, which is what the Behind the Wheel does (though it does also loosely follow a story, in a way).

After listening to this first 4-CD series, I would have no hesitation purchasing the complete 16 CD set. I believe it is well worth the money for anyone who wants to prepare themselves for visiting Spain (or any Spanish speaking country)."

David Bianchini
Interesting Unique Features

"This is above average for a listen and learn audio course, with a couple of interesting and unique features. A lot of the dialog is embedded in a continuing story, which puts it in context and limits the boredom factor. The main character is an English visitor arriving in Spain, so it naturally covers the usual travel phrases. Each section ends by repeating the dialog with Spanish speakers at normal speed, giving the practice you will need to understand a real Spanish speaker. It is mostly Castillano, European Spanish, but it includes several characters from Latin America, so it can cover the differences between American and European Spanish. The differences don't matter much, but I am glad to know the differences and how little they matter. I'm planning to visit Andalucia, where the Spanish apparently falls somewhere in between."

Wally Neilsen
Cool Product

"This is a very cool product. I find myself learning quickly. I would recommend it to anybody."


"This product is outstanding and has a unique learning format. I have already used all 3 Pimsleur course levels of Italian before using this product. This product is not better or worse than Pimsleur, but it is significantly different in how it teaches you. It's actually quite entertaining."

Very Good and with a Dose of British Charm

"This is an excellent product, right up there with Pimsleur [my personal favorite]. I have tried many Thai language courses, so I believe I can speak from relevant experience. What is particularly excellent about the Linguaphone PDQ course is that, like Pimsleur, there is a great deal of repetition and practice, and each chapter is carefully constructed to "build" on previous ones. All in all, a very well thought out presentation. I must also say that the Brits handling the instruction duties were quite charming. I recommend this product, and would not hesitate to purchase other language courses these people put out."

I like it…

"I think it’s great. I do have some limited experience with the language but it’s pretty basic. My wife is Turkish and when I am in Turkey I try to pick up what I can. I am now working as a contractor in Iraq and I decided to order this course and have been studying it since I got it in. I am picked up some very useful phrases in a short time and am just trying to learn what I can so that when I do get back there, I can surprise my in-laws. I recommend it to anyone that wants to learn the language."

Patrick Dunlap
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